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Peugeot Test Drive Booking

Peugeot's pre-existing booking form was quite complex and performed poorly so they asked us to redesign it from scratch. Working closely with the head of the UX team I had the pleasure of designing the whole application from start to finsih, down to the very last click state while also providing assets for the development team to get a working prototype up and running for WIPs for the clients benefit. The site is live now and apparently is performing very well, it can be viewed here.

Windows 8 Student Tour

After the success of the 2012 Windows 7 tour Microsoft asked us to pitch again for 2013's student tour only instead of promoting Windows 7 we would help them shout in and around U.K universities about their latest OS Windows 8.1. We did this by creating a unique designated area on various campus' which had branded stands with Surface tablets which played various demos highlighting the latest and greatest features of Windows 8. The user would pick up to 8 traits out of a possible 12 and would interact with at least 4 emulations randomly picked from their badge traits, so for instance, the user would be taken through the demo of how Skype works (the 'chatty' badge) whilst in the background on a large screen a video would simultaneously be playing to make the user feel like they were in the scene. Once the user had completed a few demos they would have the option of answering some questions regarding their experience with the Surface and Windows 8 with the chance of winning a prize, including, a bike, an Xbox One, a hoody as well as other Microsoft branded goodies. After the success of this campaign, the tour has been picked up by 6-12 other countries.

Here is a link to video which nicely sums up the campaign. (username: Momentum, password: win8tour)

Ford Tech Drive App

In the summer of 2012 we pitched for some experiential Ford work, Ford wanted an event to show off their new 'Sync' technology. One of the many facets of the creative response included a responsive web app, which would work on any device, be a tablet, phone or on the desktop. The app would be used prior to the event and would ask a series of questions of the visitor so that when they arrived at the event, giving them a unique experience which included a hologram.

You can see more details of the project here

UPS London 2012 App

UPS were one of the largest sponsors of the 2012 Olympic games and had hired out BAFTA 195 (a well renowned venue in the heart of London) where the client could relax and talk business and be a general meeting point for all the out of town UPS clients (mainly from the head office in Atlanta). The venue was branded to the letter, one of the tasks we were set was to create an app that would work on 80 Galaxy tablets and 10 Surface tables. The app would serve as a means to inform the clients about what events were taking place at the Olympics, outline UPS' involvement, various videos and rich photography as well as a live medal win updates. The project was huge and many a late night was spent designing this awesome app, it is definitely one of my proudest achievements to date.

You can see more details of the project here

Orange/Sony - Golden Goal

The Golden Goal competition was created for Orange in partnership with Sony Ericsson that ran entirely on Facebook and was housed on the Orange Facebook page of over 7 countries.The competition was part of the overall sponsorship efforts of Orange for the Euro 2012 football competition. This campaign allowed Orange and Sony to offer VIP packages to the winner that would let them enjoy the Euro 2012 final in person.All users that entered were given a promotional voucher for money off the latest Sony Ericsson phone.The competition ran for 4 weeks and pitted users football knowledge against each other and against the clock to find out who knows the most in the quickest time.As the application was localised for numerous countries, winners of each country were selected every week and each weekly winner was ultimately put into the final random selection draw.

You can see more details of the project here

Stella Artois

World Draught Masters

As one of very first Stella Artois briefs, we proposed an experiential piece which would be held during the Cannes Festival.

We pitched to them a couple of ideas and a look in mind for them to use, as well as dressing the area we proposed a filming app which the user could download at the event and film their own videos using a bespoke Stella Artois Film Noir filter would successfully winning the business, as an extra element of fun, the user would be allowed to place a wager on which films would win awards

Ford Transit App

Skybridge (a sister company of ours) have Ford as one of their clients and were asked to create an app for dealers to help sell their Transit van range.

Because we are digital saavy they asked us to create the app, which would be featured for iOS4 (including the iPhone 4 and iPad) as well as Android devices. Again working closely with the UX team wireframes were created to aid me in the design process. Besides having lots of information including vidoes and images,the app's main feature is the 'Load dimensions' section whereby the delear could show potential customers how much space the Van had depending on what trade they might be in (i.e. how many 2x4s could I put in the smallest Transit?).

Rentokil Initial

Initial are one of the leading companies providing expert washroom hygiene, cleaning, integrated facilities services and clinical waste management services all over the world.

Initial invited us to pitch for their global business and wanted us to come up with a big idea that would help raise their profile and run across all mediums. We created a campaign which focused on campaigning for cleaner washrooms, which included bold typography and simple illustrations giving it a revolutionary feel. A microsite along with a Facebook and Twitter page would have been a one stop place for people like you and me to discuss and campaign for better washrooms, posters & online banners were created to drive traffic to the hub.

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